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Wheelchair Accessible

"I have been a client of Diane's for well over 5 years. When I met Diane, I was in a power wheelchair (that's me in the photo of new handicap walkway) and couldn't hardly use my arms due to Rheumatoid Arthritis. Through her skill and commitment to client care, Diane has helped me to understand my body's needs and address them realistically. Her careful attention to detail prepared me for surgery and being able to walk again. It has been a wonderful journey to look back on. I would highly recommend Rose City Massage Therapy for anyone that is serious about improving their quality of life. Thank you Diane."   Elaine

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Jeff and Dawn

"Diane has been part of our lives, and our approach to wellness, for over fifteen years. Her massage therapy sessions in our home have made a significant contribution to our program of relaxation and have helped to keep us in tune with our bodies. Diane is not only professional and knowledgeable, but is truly kind and compassionate. She takes a keen interest in the wellbeing of her clients and has been a genuine partner on our path to good health. We highly recommend the excellent services of Diane Foster."

Cheryl Sommer

"Diane: I just wanted to take a minute to thank you so much for the romantic evening of massage and dinner that Ron and I enjoyed so much. I couldn't believe you walked in with flowers for the table! It was so much fun to dine following the massage. The table was set and the food was on the plates. It was an evening of total pampering. Please thank the caterer, and let her know how much we enjoyed it. Of course we LOVE our monthly couples massage in our own home too. We so look forward to that second Monday of the month. I hope we can do another dinner and massage soon. We will pick from the other menu options so we can try something new. Thanks again. Love it."

Sarah Hauser

"I first met Diane when she was doing chair massage at Fairley's Pharmacy at Fremont and Sandy. When my rock-hard shoulders relaxed, I knew I had found an excellent masseuse and have now been receiving massage from Diane on and off, for about 3 years. I enjoy the serenity of her massage studio, which is in her home, and the fact that Diane doesn't talk during the massage. This allows me to totally relax and enjoy my wonderful massage. Diane is a skilled practitioner who can work out the tight knots, sore and achy places, and various kinks so that you leave your massage with your body feeling relaxed and revitalized."

Massage Client

""Diane, With my fibromyalgia it was difficult finding someone who could do the deep tissue work I needed and yet not put me in more pain. You were able to find just the right combination to give me maximum relief."

Massage Client

""Diane, Over the years I have had several issues. You were able to help me through some very tough times. No one else could get the results you did. You have an incredible way of figuring out just what is needed."

Massage Client

"Dear Diane, I just wanted to let you know how much I have benefitted from your massage therapy. When I was injured, none of the doctors could figure out why I was having so many different issues and in so much pain. Through your excellent care and observation you were able to recommend a specialist in soft tissue work that was able to diagnose and treat the torn ligaments. Thanks for giving me my life back.

Quick Reviews

Molly Dunn & John Purcell: Wonderful and a real value. She tailors her product to what you need.

Beverly Foster Chestnut: Excellent service!

Conni Haffey: I thought she was just wonderful.

Cathy Holbrook: I do like her a lot.

Patricia Haugen: Excellent satisfaction.

Amy Hersh: Good. Helped relieve tension headaches.

Keith & Carol Mikami: Always excellent

Jill Nelson: Great massage therapy

Deonna Sandquist: 100+ % satisfied

Rachel Tarter: Always had a high level of satisfaction.

Andy Williams: It was great!

Mary Lusk: Love Diane's massage services. She's just fabulous!

Malinda Harris: After seeing her just one time I recommended her to 3 friends. My Mom is a long-time friend and we're all very happy to have Diane's services.

Don & Joan Gibson: On a scale of 1-10 she is a 15. We highly recommend her.

Sandy Petersen & husband: We will be going to see Diane again. She is very good.