Massage Therapy Client Testimonials & Reviews

"I have been a client of Diane's for well over 5 years. When I met Diane, I was in a power wheelchair (that's me in the photo of new handicap walkway) and couldn hardly use my arms due to Rheumatoid Arthritis. Through her skill and commitment to client care, Diane has helped me to understand my body's needs and address them realistically. Her careful attention to detail prepared me for surgery and being able to walk again. It has been a wonderful journey to look back on. I would highly recommend Rose City Massage Therapy for anyone that is serious about improving their quality of life. Thank you Diane."


"Diane has been part of our lives, and our approach to wellness, for over fifteen years. Her massage therapy sessions in our home have made a significant contribution to our program of relaxation and have helped to keep us in tune with our bodies. Diane is not only professional and knowledgeable, but is truly kind and compassionate. She takes a keen interest in the wellbeing of her clients and has been a genuine partner on our path to good health. We highly recommend the excellent services of Diane Foster."

Jeff and Dawn

"Diane Foster has been successfully treating my 7 fused vertebrae scoliosis back for over 20 years! I can not think of a more talented, professional, carrying health care professional than Diane."

Dan S.

"Diane at Rose City Massage therapy is a healer, she has the spiritual touch. Her place has a tranquil garden, a hot tub to sit in and she deeply cares about your massage. Totally recommend her."

John K.

"For your sincere services & warm friendship. Your caring & compassion are so comforting & refreshing. You're wise & insightful, which I find both pensive & poignant, a timeless treasure to be cherished & admired. A rare & unique soul.
Thx so very much."

Joe Unrein

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Molly Dunn & John Purcell: Wonderful and a real value. She tailors her product to what you need.
Beverly Foster Chestnut: Excellent service!
Conni Haffey: I thought she was just wonderful.
Cathy Holbrook: I do like her a lot.
Patricia Haugen: Excellent satisfaction.
Amy Hersh: Good. Helped relieve tension headaches.
Keith & Carol Mikami: Always excellent
Jill Nelson: Great massage therapy
Deonna Sandquist: 100+ % satisfied
Rachel Tarter: Always had a high level of satisfaction.
Andy Williams: It was great!
Mary Lusk: Love Diane's massage services. She's just fabulous!
Malinda Harris: After seeing her just one time I recommended her to 3 friends. My Mom is a long-time friend and we're all very happy to have Diane's services.
Don & Joan Gibson: On a scale of 1-10 she is a 15. We highly recommend her.
Sandy Petersen & husband: We will be going to see Diane again. She is very good.