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Chair Massage

A growing number of businesses and organizations are offering on-site massage in the workplace. Employees do not need to change clothes, shower, or leave work to participate and it's proven to be a cost-effective way to:

Relieve mental and physical stress in the workplace; Reduce muscle tension and the pain that it causes; Increase circulation, which boosts energy, creativity, and productivity; Lower health care costs by promoting health and wellness, thereby decreasing employee absenteeism; And improve employee morale!

Convenient, easy and safe - No special fitness training is required to receive a benefit. Results are immediate and the effects are cumulative.

Consistent use of on-site massage treats repetitive stress syndrome - a common workplace ailment. People enjoy it and will be eager to participate. It encourages other steps to wellness for your employees. Regular massage helps people feel better and can motivate them to make other healthy lifestyle changes.

On-site massage can be used by employers not only as part of a health benefit package, but is also a popular way to recognize employee birthdays or service anniversaries, provide bonuses for good attendance, work performance, or upon completion of large projects.

Using a specially designed chair brought to your workplace that is set up and dismantled quickly. All you need to provide is a quiet corner. The massage is given through the employee's clothing with session times typically lasting 15 to 20 minutes per person. The massage usually targets the head, neck, shoulders, back, arms and hands and leaves the employee feeling relaxed, refreshed and ready to return to work.

On-Site Massage at your Office
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What is Unique About Rose City Massage Services?

What makes Rose City Massage unique it its ambiance and the variety of services available. Rose City’s Spa location has everything you need to relax your body and renew your spirit. Enjoy a massage in the private outdoor massage room where warm summer breezes caress you. Take advantage of a free hot tub experience before your massage in the covered, outdoor hot tub overlooking the wooded garden. Let tensions melt in the comfortable indoor therapy room as you listen to quiet music and the gentle sounds of the water fountain. Often people find they benefit so greatly from massage therapy that they feel it important to spend more time and attention on taking care of their wellness by purchasing a PREPAID PACKAGE or a standing appointment discount. (Client has a set day/time monthly. An added benefit is that if they do need to reschedule to a different appointment day or time during the month for any reason, they still get their $5.00 discount.

  • Relaxing massage for pain relief.

    Massage for Relaxation or Pain Relief

    Diane’s unique approach to therapy combines Swedish Massage, Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, and Neuromuscular Massage Therapy techniques along with Muscle Energy, and Reflexology, ultimately providing the perfect massage to meet your needs. (I also do motor vehicle accident work and take MVA insurance only.)
    *Standing appointment discount $5

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  • Hot tub therapy at Rose City Massage

    Massage and Hot Tub

    Free 10 minute Hot Tub relaxation available before your massage in the covered, outdoor hot tub overlooking the wooded garden. Let tensions melt in the comfortable indoor therapy room as you listen to quiet music and the gentle sounds of the water fountain. All bathing suits, bathrobes and towels are provided for you!

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  • Out call massage therapy Portland

    Massage at Your Home or Hotel

    What could be easier than dialing the telephone and having a massage therapist come to your home or hotel? Rose City Massage Therapy will bring everything you need for a relaxing massage. Choose a quiet warm location for your session and I will leave you relaxed with no need to drive home after your session.

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    Auto Accident Billing

    In the unfortunate event that you experience an auto accident, I can work with your heath care professional to provide rehabilitating massage therapy to help restore your body back to health. Your auto insurance is billed for you with your doctors prescription and approval from your PIP claim adjuster.

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    Specials & Gift Cards

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    Massage makes a great gift!
    Office Massage Gifts; Birthday Gifts; Holiday Gifts; Anniversary Gifts; Wedding Gift; Retirement Gift; Stressed Bosses; Sweetheart Gift, And, Gift to Self!

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  • Massage Therapy Packages

    Prepaid Massage Packages

    Save money with prepaid packages or yearly contracts.

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