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Celebrating 30 years as a massage therapist from 1985 to 2015!
Voted LMT of the year, 2003, by the American Massage Therapy Association Oregon Chapter.

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Discover all that Rose City Massage Therapy has to offer.

You get your full massage time that you pay for.

When I began in 1985, most therapists gave the full massage time you paid for. Only a few therapists would start the massage from the time you entered the practice. Now, the standard has changed. Now, a client receives a 50-minute massage and is charged for 60 minutes. The client's actual massage time is used for undressing and getting on the table.

I give each client the full massage time that they pay for. Your massage time will start when you get on the table and I come into the room. That is why most massage sessions last an extra 10-15 minutes.

Free 10-Minute Hot Tub.

When I moved my practice from the Oregon Athletic Club to it's present location, my office was in the pool area. My client's would hot tub before they would get a massage. Hydrotherapy (hot tub) relaxes the muscle tissue and prepares the body for a deeper massage without causing pain during or after the massage. The time in the hot tub replaces the time it takes during the massage to warm up the tissue before deeper massage can begin.

Client Rewards

I have been giving client rewards before they were popular to give. I started giving client rewards in 1994. Now, my scheduling software keeps track of each client's account and lets me know when a free massage has been earned. Be sure to check the box in your account that askes if you would like to be a part of this benefit.

Birthday $10.00 discount

If you are signed up for emails or text, you will receive a Birthday $10.00 discount coupon to be used towards a massage. Happy Birthday!

Email or text reminders of your appointments.

If you have agreed to emails or text, I will send you a reminder of your appointment two days before. This gives you time to reschedule if you need to, within the 24-hour limit you have to cancel or reschedule.

Please know that I do not sell your email. I only use this information to support my communications with each client and to offer sales.

In Rose City Massage, it is all about you and only you.

Every practice has it's good and bad points. In my practice, you will not find the hustle and bustle of a large impersonal spa or massage chain. Here, it is all about you. You will rarely see another client when you arrive or leave. I schedule a half hour between each client so that each client feels as if they are my only client.

Health Blog

With this new Health Blog, I will attempt to answer questions and concerns that I hear most frequently from my clients.

Thank you for visiting my blog. If you have any questions, please submit them.