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You get your full massage time that you have paid for!

When I began in 1985, most therapists gave the full massage time you paid for. Only a few therapists would start the massage from the time you entered the practice. Now, the standard has changed. Now, a client receives a 50-minute massage and is charged for 60 minutes. The client's actual massage time is used for undressing and getting on the table.

I give each client the full massage time that they pay for. Your massage time will start when you get on the table and I come into the room. That is why most of my massage sessions last an extra 10-15 minutes.

Free 10-Minute Hot Tub.
When I moved my practice from the Oregon Athletic Club to it's present location, my office was in the pool area. My client's would hot tub before they would get a massage. Hydrotherapy (hot tub) relaxes the muscle tissue and prepares the body for a deeper massage without causing pain during or after the massage. The time in the hot tub replaces the time it takes during the massage to warm up the tissue before deeper massage can begin.

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